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Artemis tele-assessment

The ARTEMIS project, funded by the European Union under the Fifth Framework Programme, aims to improve elderly and disabled persons’ quality of life, especially through advanced and distance rehabilitation, tele-assessment and readaptation services and products.

The information Society offers great opportunities to improve the quality of life of persons with mobility impairments, including elderly people and those with movement disorders. However, there is a risk that information technology can also increase the physical and psychological barriers for these persons and therefore the information gap.

Such barriers impede the access that people with disabilities have to existing Internet services and limit the development of dedicated products and services delivered via the Internet. These barriers not only hinder the development of new business areas that would improve the quality of life of this population, but also inhibit the development of an open European market of assistive technologies.

Our aim is thus to provide affordable computer access devices and related services necessary in order to accomplish the tele-assessment and tele-adaptation services.

The figure below shows a schematic of the current concept of Artemis service and system with example technology:

diagram illustrating artemis project

last updated 27/07/05