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Design for All and User-Centred design: UserFit

Our aim is to ensure the active participation of end users in the design process.

Based on previous experience with user centred frameworks, the partners set up a common framework to analyse and specify user requirements in relation to the Artemis service.

This framework define the procedures to be used in the project to analyse the user attributes and specify requirements. The methodology to be used is the UserFit methodology.

UserFit focuses on the generation of usability specifications, in the assistive technology field. It uses paper-based forms to store and propagate the design-related information.

Through this methodology, we are allowed to reuse the previously developed material and to share the design information amongst remote groups of designers, maintaining coherence and compatibility .

Ethics Attitude for research

ETHICS are being investigated for the project activities and for the planned service.
A comparative study across the member user organisations of principles and implementation of ethics in research and development is being conducted. Implementation is expected to show the greatest divergence rather than principles. The concept of 'best practise' will be considered in light of these findings and final judgement be made by end-users of Asstistive Technology.
In planning any care service the 'ethics of care' must be applied, therefore it is intended to specify a set of principles that members of the network of centres that provide and receive services will adhere to. This will draw on the above analysis and the ethical principles of the consortia and views of end-users.

last updated 27/07/05