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What the project is about:

To improve the quality of life of people with physical disabilities across Europe, especially in those regions where access to Information Technology (IT) is not achieved due to the inaccessibility of expertise in provision of Assistive Technology (AT) for operating Information Technology.

To establish advanced remote rehabilitation and re-adaptation services and products. Specifically, development a platform for enabling tele-assessment and tele-adaptation of re-programmable computer access devices for people with motor impairments and movements disorders.

To develop a European Network of centres that supply and use tele-provision
of Assistive Technology for accessing Information Technology.

The Artemis concept:

Three elements are used to construct an effective Assistive Technology provision service in Europe.

The Service:

Experts at one location assess, trial, adapt and follow-up (i.e. whole provision process) the AT needs of a person with some functional physical incapacity at a distant location.

The System:

Internet based videoconferencing provides communication and observation. Through data exchange it facilitates AT device adaptation and software installation. In addition case note management resources are integral.

The AT devices

The primary type of device to be includes are pointing devices. But in addition switches and "standard" input devices are being considered. In all cases it is essential that devices can be reprogrammed to achieve tele-adaptation.

last updated 27/07/05